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The Art of Healing 

Marquise T.A. was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan. At a very young age Marquise fell in love with the art forms: Drama, Dance & Film. He furthered his passion for Drama by majoring in Theatre Arts at Clark Atlanta University. Throughout his undergraduate matriculation, he founded a lyrical dance company, studied dance at Spelman College, produced/directed dance visuals, acted in and choreographed three department plays. Marquise has been able to use art as a way to heal from systemic trauma and wishes to share his art with the world for global healing and connection. 


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Cultivating Dreams Into Reality


Marquise will intentionally curate a dance to the song of your choice or he will select after listening to your ideas. Marquise T.A. is open to choreographing numerous styles of dance. Marquise Includes 1 hour of teaching with the purchase of a combination. Book by the hour!



Marquise T.A. knows many artists and strives to connect them with any of your upcoming pieces. Marquise will act as agent for your project, you will only pay him the searching fee. If you would like for him to be there in-person, purchase the search fee by the hour of attendance. All artist payments will be handled separately. 



Marquise would love to transform your ideas into a reality with his direction. Marquise has worked in numerous fields which has helped him master the art of communication, hire him to make the process of your project innovative and effective. Direction with Marquise T.A. includes Music Videos, Dance Visuals, Plays, Films, & Live Entertainment Staging. Directing is not the same as conceptualizing ideas. Book by the hour!



In order to lead and create, Marquise T.A. has been heavily engaged in acting & dance training. He has 9 years of Theatre training & 5 years of Dance training(African, Liturgical, Hip-Hop & Contemporary). Marquise brings his heart and soul to every project he is apart of. ((Rehearsals, Transportation, Costumes, & Performance fees should be provided by the Host Agent))  **Pricing can be negotiated**


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